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Becoming a support provider with Tribe is incredibly simple. Whether you have years of experience or just starting out, Tribe is the one-stop solution to help you find, manage, and refine your care and support offering.

Helping You,
To Help Others

Tribe isn't a care agency. Neither is it just a directory of people who need care or support. The Tribe community doesn't just 'manage' clients - it's much more meaningful.

Tribe is the place for you to become more than just a support provider. It gives you flexibility, freedom, and control over how support is delivered - and provides you with the tools to do so, all for free.

How Tribe Can
Help You

Find Suitable Clients

It’s not always easy or comfortable working with clients managed by an agency - match with clients that are more suited to your personality.

Manage Your Workflow

Manage your care and support services, agreements, teams, schedules and payments all in one place.

Learn More, Gain More

Learn at your own pace and when it suits you. Gain insights as to what skills people are looking for in your community.

“Whilst in lock down during Covid-19, I used Tribe to initially volunteer, but I was also able to use Tribe's training academy to become a full-time care provider.”

Kayleigh Daniels

Became a full-time care provider through Tribe

The Benefits of Choosing Tribe

Adaptive Training

Free access to adaptable training courses to enhance your skills, flexible to your way of learning and time.

More Money

What you earn goes directly to you and not dictated by agencies managing running costs.

Personal Clients

You're in control of who and where you provide care and support. The type of client will depend on your personal choices.

Business In A Box

A one-stop solution to managing your care and support services. Manage clients, payments, schedules, teams, training and much more.

Help Your Community and Get Paid

Looking for full-time or part-time care and support jobs? Instead, give us a try. Earn flexibly, gain industry recognised training, and manage your services all in one place.

It’s our mission to build the best, most-loved community with people who want to make a difference and change lives.

Want to earn providing care and support? Join Tribe today.

Learn Something New

Learning isn't just about the classroom - it's about the needs, requirements and the people you support.

Tribe provides you with free access to our Adaptable Training Academy, where you will find resources, courses and events provided by industry recognised training providers to help you gain the skills required to help you better understand the people you support.

Be in the Business to Build Better Lives

We help people and communities across the country to use their talents to start and run small enterprises and community businesses that support and care for other local people.

Joining Tribe helps you to make the most out of becoming a Community Micro-Enterprise - a hassle-free way to offer great support to people locally while ensuring more money goes into in your pocket, helping you gain more control over your work and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Tribe
Finding Care & Support
Providing Care & Support
Commissioning Tribe
How do I provide care and support?

Becoming a support provider is simple. First you just need to sign up and download the Tribe app on the platform of your choice.

If you are already an established support provider or employed personal assistant then you can be verified on the platform as soon as you have completed the checks we need to make sure you are operating safely.

You will have access to learning opportunities through the Tribe Academy that meet national sector skills council standards. You will be asked to sign up to ‘Doing it Right’ standards which are linked to standards for the care sector and set out the way in which you will work.

Will I need a DBS check to become a support provider?

Support providers delivering help and/or personal care to people in their own homes have to have a current DBS check. 'Current' means a DBS check that has been made within the last 3 years. The Tribe Platform allows you to upload your DBS certificate details, which will be checked by the platform to ensure it is valid. Information on your DBS certificate is not made public, but you should share any criminal convictions with the people buying your service so they can judge whether they want to work with you.

Support providers who do not provide personal care and work with people in community settings are not usually required to have a DBS check, although you should check this first with us.

How many opportunities to provide care and support will there be?
It depends on the area in which you live and what you are offering. Tribe provides information about opportunities in your local community that help create a stronger and independent neighbourhood. The opportunities are therefore dependant on how many people in your community require the kind of help you provide.
Who employs me?
Support providers are self-employed. Tribe in some areas also provides a platform for personal assistants seeking employment to provide individual support. Personal assistants are directly employed by the person they support.
How much can I get paid?
This depends on the type of support you are providing and the demand in your area. You set your own fee, which will take into account the fees set by other support providers and also the level of the local authority payments available for support. You can sell your support to self-funders as well as people funded by the local authority. If your fees are competitive and you provide the kinds of support people are looking for you are likely to be in demand.
What do I do if I am concerned that someone is compromising the safety of the person I support?
Report this immediately to your council's safeguarding team. Their contact details will be on the council website. You can also find information about your local council in the Tribe app and report any issues.

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