Tribe connects and helps to grow the support, relationships and opportunities that permit everyone, everywhere to live safe and well in the place we call home.

How Tribe Can
Help You

Find Your Perfect Support

Shape how you want to be supported. Find and manage local support providers that suit your requirements.

Manage All Your Needs

Manage your care and support requirements, agreements, schedules and payments all in one place.

Monitor Your Loved Ones

Integrate non-intrusive and private smart devices to help your loved ones remain independent in their home.

“Using Tribe, I was able to find a local care provider to help look after my partner, who has very specific needs. This has certainly lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.”

Alison Roberts

Found a specialist care provider for multiple sclerosis

A Care and Support System Designed for Everyone

Our Commitment to Your Safety

Our community of support providers are verified, recruited, trained and supported so they can help you get the support you require.

We make sure that everyone adheres to our community guidelines and standards, that is inclusive, friendly, and above all, safe for everyone.


All of our support providers go through a standards check before carrying out any work in the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Tribe solving?

There is currently a national shortage of 105,000 care providers. To upskill a care provider, care companies incur a £3,500 training charge. Accelerated by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, industry churn has now been increased to 33% which has made it impossible to train new care providers fast enough.

Training charges incurred by care companies are being passed on to local government with administration charges as high as 30% - This is a particularly big problem in rural areas and clearly the model is no longer sustainable. Preventative service withdrawal is also accelerating the industry crisis.

Ultimately thousands of vulnerable and socially isolated people are going without help.

How does Tribe work?
Tribe connects people in the local community who are seeking support, things to do, or ways to meet others, with volunteers and with activities such as events, groups and clubs that meet their needs or appeal to their interests. Choosing Tribe gives you access to a wide range of local support from your community that fits with how you like to live your life, providing independence and helping you to live in the place you call home longer. Support includes both paid and voluntary support, access to events, groups and other activities.
Where can I use Tribe?
You will find Tribe everywhere. Anywhere you need us, we will recruit, train and get our community of care and support providers there to carry out your needs.
How is Tribe different to matching platforms?
Tribe encourage skilled community support providers to become established in national ‘dark patches’ where care costs are prohibitive or no support provision exists. Tribe drops the barriers to local people delivering paid support work, ensuring through its partnerships, that people have the right attitudes, skills and knowledge to do their job well and safel Tribe offers the opportunity for continuous training and development. Tribe will ultimately help make your support experience more responsive and personal.
How much does Tribe cost?

There are no monthly fees, no annual charges. In fact, using Tribe will actually help you make money.

How? Typically, when looking for care and support, you will pay for the care you receive from an agency. Agencies will charge above the average rate to help cover their running costs, but these costs are charged on to the care recipient, and the person who carried out the care only gets paid a small percentage.

With Tribe, we only charge a small transaction fee for every payment made to a care provider. This means that as someone looking for care, you don't get over charged, and as someone providing care, you get more for the work you do.

Care. Support. Community.

Take the stress out of finding care and support, and join a trusted, ever-growing community, for free, today.