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We recognise the huge impact community groups and services have on people, in preventing social isolation and improving quality of life.

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Why Advertise?

Communities across the world are already helping each other through community services and social clubs. We recognise the huge impact they have on people, in preventing social isolation and improving quality of life.

We are so committed to improving accessibility of community services, that setting up your service in Tribe is quick, easy and completely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise a service or group?

Nothing. There are no monthly fees, no annual charges.

Who can advertise a service or group on Tribe?

Anybody. Everyone who owns a community service or group that helps benefit the wellbeing of the community can list it on Tribe. All services and groups created, however, are prevented from being listed until approved by Tribe or authorities in that local area.

This is to ensure that all services and groups are safe for everyone.

Who will see my services and groups?

Everyone who has access to the Tribe app on desktop and mobile. Your services and groups are also automatically listed on third-party systems for local signposting, and shared with clinical professionals for referrals.

Why should I place my services and groups on Tribe?

It's free, promotes your services across multiple signposting systems and provides you with the tools in order to grow your service to suit the needs of the community.

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