We Never Stop Learning

You can start or continue your career in support with minimal knowledge or skills and become a skilled professional support provider through the Tribe Adaptive Training Academy.

Backed by Recognised Providers

Tribe works with industry recognised training providers with a wealth of experience delivering care and support courses to millions of learners.

All training that you undertake with Tribe has been made with you in mind. Everyone is different, and learns in different ways - our courses are delivered in a variety of different methods to suit your learning style.

Learn Something New

Learning isn't just about the classroom - it's about the needs, requirements and the people you support.

Tribe provides you with free access to our Adaptable Training Academy, where you will find resources, courses and events provided by industry recognised training providers to help you gain the skills required to help you better understand the people you support.

Powerful Authoring Tools

Are you a training provider? Does it take you an unnecessary long time to make changes on the courses you offer? Are your courses not mobile friendly and hosted on outdated systems?

With Tribe, you can create and publish courses to millions of eager learners instantly using our friendly and intuitive course builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Providers
How much does it cost to use the Training Academy?

Nothing. There are no monthly fees, no annual charges.

How and what can I learn?

Care and support comes in many forms and it is always better when it is personalised - learning is exactly the same.

What you learn is up to you, but working with industry recognised training providers, Tribe is able to offer you many different types of personalised courses suited to your style of learning.

Do I need a DBS check?

Not to get started, but if you have one already we can add that to your profile.

What if I have already completed training?

You can upload your certificates to your profile and then use the Tribe micro courses to update and refresh your learning.

If I complete courses on the SCIE website, can I upload them to my profile?

Yes absolutely, at Tribe we believe that Learning never stops, we have all heard the expression “you learn something every day”, so why not track your progress and it to your profile?

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