Our Drive to Change Lives for the Better

The mission of Tribe is simple - to improve the quality of life for millions of people in need of care and support.

To Help is
Our Culture

The core skills and experience of our team is deep. We have won multiple industry awards for technology and innovation. Our unique culture brings with it an innate approach of lateral thinking around problems, and a desire to work on challenges which directly impact on improving people's lives - to bring meaning.

There isn't a member of our team which hasn't been directly impacted by a family member requiring support - our team has a passion and desire to completely reform the Local Gov and NHS care industry, improving the lives of thousands of people through social action.

We believe that Tribe is much more than a marketplace that merely connects those seeking care with care providers.

Our Vision

We all want a long, healthy and happy life for ourselves and for the people we care about. Most of us want to live those lives in the place we call home, with the people and things that we love, doing what matters to us. To those ends, we all benefit when we can live in places where we can care about and support each other.

Achieving this, however, can sometimes be a challenge when:


We or someone we care about might need some extra support, new ways to live their life or to find new things to do or people to spend time with but we don’t know what to look for, where to find it, what or who to trust.

Support Shortfall

There’s a growing shortfall in formal care and support so the support we or the people we care about need sometimes just doesn’t exist, or we can’t afford to pay for it.

Hidden Knowledge

The resources and support that could be available to help us to stay well in the place we call home are locked away, are not being deployed as effectively as they could be or bureaucracy gets in the way of imaginative solutions.

Putting Off

We put off making changes in our lives, seeking new opportunities or reaching out for support and avoidably reach a crisis point, with costly and avoidable results for ourselves, our families and public bodies such as councils and the NHS.

Making Ends Meet

We want to work in care and support, but just can’t do so in a way that makes ends meet, or fits in with our wider lives. Or we might want to offer our time and talents freely in support of others, including as a volunteer, but don’t know how to do so in the most helpful way.

Weaker Communities

Though some of us are lucky to live in places where community is strong and mutually supportive, sometimes community is weaker and we can’t look to our local community for support.

Decreasing Budgets

Those public officials tasked with ensuring that our health and wellbeing is promoted struggle to do so with ever decreasing budgets set against increasing demand and don’t have the data to know where to invest and from where to marshall new resources.

Our Contribution

As experts in smart technology, Tribe is working with national and local partners to intelligently map, develop and connect people, places and things online to help to strengthen our ability to connect with and support one another to live well offline.

“The mission of Tribe is to increase social action, improving the quality of life for millions of people. Through use of applied technology we will reduce pressure on public services to address the care challenges across the UK.”

Richard Howells

Founder of Tribe