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List your local, non-clinical services on the Tribe platform so that your community can access them. Services listed on Tribe are automatically shared across multiple public systems so you’ll only ever need to make amends and updates to your service here.

How Does It Work?

  • 1Get the AppGet Tribe on Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS .
  • 1SignpostingCreate your community service signposting to advertise to the local community.
  • 2EngageManage your services, and help make a better and stronger community.

Better Service Signposting

Communities across the world are already helping each other through community services and social clubs. We recognise the huge impact they have on people, in preventing social isolation and improving quality of life. Tribe makes community services accessible and ensures all have the ability to get involved.

The outcomes of improving access to health, social support and wellbeing services are vast. With the addition of social prescribing as a signposting method, the impact created by services is maximised. Nationally, areas with poor signposting to community services have a higher than average level of unplanned hospital admissions, illustrating how far-reaching community focused services with adequete signposting are.

We are so committed to improving accessiblity of community services, that setting up your service in Tribe is quick, easy and completely free.


  • Mapping NeedAnalyse the community needs that surround your services using geospatial mapping tools.
  • Connect with the CommunityCommunicate more effectively, and have more visibility in the community.
  • Service ScalingWith more visibility and analysis you can scale the service to suit the need of the community.
  • A Mass Pool of VolunteersQuickly find volunteers in the community to help out with your services.


  • Improves Community EngagementWith more visibility and analysis you are better supported to create a more engaging service.
  • Helps Secure Service FundingQuantifiable data around service usage and impact, helps showcase the importance of required funding.
  • One Stop SignpostingTribe links your services across multiple systems, so you only ever need to make changes on Tribe.
  • Ends LonelinessCommunity support providers, volunteers and better signposting create better bonds with those who are alone.


Common questions about Tribe

How much does it cost to advertise services?
Nothing. It is completely free to add your services to Tribe.
Who will see my services?
Everyone who has access to the Tribe app on desktop and mobile. Your services are also automatically listed on third-party systems for local signposting, and shared with clinical professionals for referrals.
Why should I place my services on Tribe?
It's free, promotes your services across multiple signposting systems and provides you with the tools in order to grow your service to suit the needs of the community.

Engage Your Community

Duck Feed

Wildlife Club

Tuesdays at 3pm

Garden Walk

Ironbridge Striders

Sundays at 9am

Social Crafts

Sewing Club

Tomorrow at 4pm

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