A Multi-Sided Approach

Tribe is for everyone – individuals, carers, voluntary and community groups, public services and private enterprise – to use to find and offer the time, energy, skills and knowledge that will make a difference to people and to communities.

What Does Tribe Provide?

Powerful Apps

Tribe can be downloaded as a mobile application to personal or work phones and tablets.


Tribe has the capability to up-skill anyone in society who has registered to become a volunteer and provide DBS checks to become a certified community tribe member.

Social Prescribing

Use the information about what is available within the community to have good conversations with the people you are supporting.

Training Academy

Tribe works with industry training providers with a wealth of experience delivering care and support courses to millions of learners.

Micro Enterprises

We help people and communities across the country to use their talents to start and run small enterprises and community businesses that support and care for other local people.


With Tribe, you will be able to quantify the social value you have generated, to understand it and be able to report on this with confidence.

Digital Payments

Allows care and support providers to manage their business income, local authorities to manage their direct payments, and those seeking care and support to manage their personal budgets.

IoT Marketplace

Tribe features a marketplace of clever devices that help to keep those we care about safe in their home - non-intrusive and private.

Predictive Need

Tribe captures unique insights and offers predictive capabilities to assist those planning, commissioning, designing, arranging and delivering community-based support.

Cost Savings

An independent research paper identified the potential for Tribe to bring 33 per cent savings to the average hourly rate of home care, while simultaneously increasing the earnings of those offering care by up to 36 per cent.

Emergency Response

Tribe increases social action and community resilience. In the case of a significant emergency, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact is mitigated by volunteer and support activity.

Data Centre

For local authorities, Tribe provides a data centre - a place for you to monitor and manage budgets, volunteer response, communications, support and care need and prediction analysis.

In-app Communications

Arranging care and support, direct payment interviews, digital learning courses, or a means to gain knowledge - Tribe offers in-app communications in the form of video, audio calling, and community messaging to help keep everyone connected.

A Care and Support System Designed for Everyone

Care. Support. Community.

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