We are tackling challenges created by an ageing population and dated care models, while creating new opportunities for all. Tribe rethinks micro-commissioning, social prescribing and social action to improve quality of life for older people and generate thousands of new paid and voluntary opportunities.

How Does It Work?

  • 1Get StartedGet in touch to setup a Tribe demo and see how Tribe can help support your parish and save you money.
  • 2CreateCreate opportunities for volunteers and professionals. Build an ecosystem to help those in need.
  • 3EngageUpskill members of the community, provide high social impact and produce savings in support provision.

The Care Epidemic

On any given day there is a 90,000 short-fall in care workers nationally, with the highest impact felt in disparately populated areas. Brexit has increased churn in the care industry to 33% (7% carers sourced from EU), accelerating the industry care provision crisis. Current Adult Social Care provision in this climate is clearly no longer sustainable. Our increasingly ageing population are already facing the consequences of an outdated health & social care model.

Social care can only be successful when it attracts and retains compassionate, skilled staff, but current industry models are unable to build in the time or consistency for dignity, warmth and companionship. More and more older people are funding their own care, but often cannot find a model which suits them.

Our initiative will create new quality jobs and grow out economies, especially in rural areas, whilst tangibly reducing pressure on health and social care systems. Ultimately we will improve the quality of life for ageing populations and economically disadvantaged communities.

Predictive Mapping

Through mapping community need, we can generate powerful analytics and community insights. Machine learning allows us to identify and predict the highest areas of community demand. This enables local people and business to take measurable action in their communities.
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Addressing the Challenges

At the heart of Tribe is a technology which enables Local Government, NHS and Voluntary community sector ‘need’ data to be geospatially mapped across communities down to neighbourhood level detail. Our focus of localising community need in this way enables grassroots organisations to map community assets and up-skill individuals on-demand. Working in this way will enables local authorities to take action and meet need as it emerges using resources from within the community itself.

Working collaboratively with the Council, community capacity initiatives can be run through Tribe to create hundreds of DBS checked volunteers, exponentially growing out social action. Community volunteers are identified, then invited to train and receive supported in becoming community entrepreneurs able to paid deliver services and support. This paid support is micro commissionable by individuals receiving care or local authorities, all facilitated and auditable by the Tribe technology.

Take a look at some of Tribe's case studies.


  • Predictive MappingGeospatially map communities to predict data patterns for the highest areas of community demand.
  • Adaptive TrainingTo provide realistic understanding of the role and skills required whilst saving on training costs.
  • Social PrescribingGeospatially mapping local, non-clinical services for self-help and referrals.
  • Micro-commissioningQuickly and easily outline an individual’s care and support needs and agreed outcomes.


  • Addresses Carer ShortageWith a 90,000 short-fall in carers nationally, Tribe creates new jobs through upskilling the community.
  • Reduces Loneliness & IsolationCommunity carers, volunteers and better signposting create better bonds with those who are alone.
  • Reduces Care CostsThe cost of care delivered by Tribe is cheaper than the cost of traditional care.
  • A Mass Pool of CarersWhere care companies struggle with retaining staff, Tribe addresses the carer shortage.

Want to know more?

Get in touch, or have a look at the new Tribe brochure for further detail on our innovative Health & Social support model.


Common questions about Tribe

What problem is Tribe trying to solve?
A national shortage of 90,000 carers. To upskill a carer, care companies incur a £3,500 training charge. Accelerated by Brexit, industry churn has now been increased to 33% which has made it impossible to train new carers fast enough. Training charges incurred by care companies are being passed on to local government with administration charges as high as 30% - This is a particularly big problem in rural areas and clearly the model is no longer sustainable. Preventative service withdrawal is also accelerating the industry crisis. Ultimately thousands of vulnerable and socially isolated people are going without help.
Why is Tribe different to other platforms?
Tribe isn't like a Facebook group or a volunteering app. Tribe will bring skilled community support providers to national ‘dark patches’ where administrative costs are prohibitive or no support provision exists. We will drop the barriers to paid support work - People in rural and high inequality areas can receive industry recognised support skills with an opportunity for continuous training and development.
What evidence is there to indicate that Tribe is effective?
Council leaders are telling us ‘Micro Commissioning’ via Tribe is a tangible solution to their ‘collapsing’ adult social care provision. The business case produced by our pilot councils procurement is compelling. Although it highlights a £800k fiscal saving through administrative cost reduction, based on a projected 400 new care providers, the largest risk identified was continuing with the current model - It has been proven internally current methods of care provision are not sustainable. Areas with no care provision are growing across the UK, loneliness and social isolation are now seen as chronic in rural areas. Skills for Care and Community Catalysts are partners of the Tribe project helping provide access to the support and learning that local people need to establish a sustainable, legal and high quality care service. British Red Cross and senior civil servants have all backed our project for its impact to support socially isolated individuals using resources from their own community. Six additional councils and two CCG’s have contacted us directly to discuss deployment of Tribe within their region.
How much does Tribe cost?
Call us on +44(0)1952 288218 or email to discuss our licence fees.
Is Tribe G-Cloud 10 approved?
Tribe has been accepted to the G-Cloud 10 government procurement framework as a ‘Social Action and Micro-commissioning’ solution.

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