About Us

The Tribe Project was founded by Richard Howells, CEO of Bronze Software Labs, a proven, multi-award winning UK based software firm specialising in mobile centred and predictive data pattern analysis application development.

The Tribe Project

The mission of The Tribe Project is to increase social action, improving the quality of life for millions of vulnerable people. Through use of applied technology we will reduce pressure on public services to address the challenges of an ageing population, loneliness and inequality across the UK.
- Richard Howells, Founder

The core skills and experience of our team is deep. We have won multiple industry awards for technology and innovation. Our unique culture brings with it an innate approach of lateral thinking around problems, and a desire to work on challenges which directly impact on improving people's live - to bring meaning. There isn’t a member of our team which hasn’t been directly impacted by a family member requiring support - our team has a passion and desire to completely reform the Local Gov and NHS care industry, improving the lives of thousands of vulnerable people through social action. Company CEO Richard Howells is providing direct financial backing for the project and has formed a commercial strategy to ensure continuity following the funding period.

Bronze Labs constantly adopt and respond to changes around the latest technologies to remain at the forefront of innovation. As a team of highly skilled, creative individuals we have thrived through working on some of the most challenging mobile application development projects in the world. Our client work has ultimately resulted in completely unique mobile experiences working with dynamic, diverse and mission critical datasets. We are now applying our creative thinking and technological innovations to solve problems in the Health & Social support sector, which has been drastically affected by the increasingly ageing population. We believe The Tribe Project can greatly impact society and quality of life for many, through application of modern technologies such as Machine Learning to the challenges presented.

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